“There is a lot one could say about Roy Wagner of Wordsworth Resumes….he’s smart, talented, great family guy…the list could go on and on, however, you can’t describe Roy Wagner professionally unless you use words like “professional,” “caring,” and “superb at what he does!” I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Wagner 12 years ago, when as a second-career teacher, I needed a new resume and I needed it quickly. We had many sessions together designing the perfect resume for my needs. I was hired as a secondary-education alternative school teacher almost immediately and have enjoyed a tremendous career in education since. When a new position in September of 2009 was looming, I again contacted Mr. Wagner to have my resume updated. Needless to say, I got that job as well! I recommend Roy Wagner to anyone who is seeking employment; whether a new college grad or a second-career grandmother! He is a genuinely caring professional who will design the appropriate resume to meet your career needs. In this economy, it is befitting to get a head start; Roy Wagner will start you off and get you where you need to be!”
Barbara Rubin, Newburgh, NY